About Us

We Aim To Create A Life Pondered With Himalayan Goodness Which Is Worth Living.

Committed to best of quality and unequivocally dedicated to the future, Rootsativaa offers top-notch CBD (Hemp) seeds, flowers and extracts. With many years of combined organic farming and extraction experience, our group of botanists, farmers and extraction experts deeply understand what it takes to delivery extraordinary and original hemp products.

Innovation is the core of what drives us. Our group of visionaries wake up considering one end goal – to furnish our consumers and partners with products they will be glad to put their name on.

We love what we do and we embrace boundless possibilities. With no passion, it is simply work, and we do not like JUST working. With positivity and inspiration at heart, we are well compelled and purposeful. The drive is the thing that spurs us. Continue pushing forward.

Rootsativaa is registered and the entirety of our industrial hemp products are developed using protected organic farming practices.

Revitalizing traditions and driving differentiation while positively influencing the world, we position Rootsativaa as a progressive and innovative brand. We have aced the craft of getting motivation from problems. We unequivocally have confidence in what is conceivable. We think huge and never settle.


Our Process

We are continually creative in providing the best of Himalayan goodness and reinvent olden traditions. Rootsativaa is a progressive and cutting-edge brand who is s string believer of a fact, that newness is the new cool and it is what will shape the future. We are now fusing modern with age-old traditions in an unexpectedly surprising way. Modern by looks but traditional at heart! We still use the old traditional method of cold pressing our oils, just to keep the goodness alive, unlike other mechanized processes which involves heating up! 

How We Work.

Our brief and understanding is straightforward, we expect to change and make an impact. We work and express while keeping ourselves different from other without bold moves that characterizes a new sustainable and brighter future for everybody. We are actively, since our inception, working to bring out a social and cultural change the world has been sitting tight for. Let us come tighter, believe in one another and open doors for a bigger, brighter and a healthier future.