What is Hemp?

Hemp - The 'Himalayan Legacy' & " The Gods Plant"

Hemp in India traces its very source back to the foothills of the magnificent Himalayan range! It is one of the oldest domesticated harvests known to man. Local foods, their footwear and not to overlook the ropes that tie the cows in these mountains' the hemp plant has been a source of livelihood and nutrition since a very long time. An intrinsic piece of Indian history - Hemp benefits are now making a way back to turning into a quintessential piece of our diets and self-care regimes.

Hemp isn't just the most versatile, sustainable, planet-friendly pant around – it's likewise one of the most nutritious, with super seeds that are ideal powerhouse of goodness helping you accomplish the ideal wellbeing. Which makes you a healthy, happy and satisfied you.

A farmer’s boon, the hemp plant grows quick with the least mediation and has in excess of 25,000 demonstrated uses for each harvest. It shows the values of sustainable living, from devouring less water to zero pesticides and eliminating multiple times more CO2 from the air. The cultivation of hemp likewise restricts soil erosion and helps reestablishes its properties. This is the reason why it is often termed as the “Crop from the Himalayan Legacy”. 



Hemp – Kaleidoscopic Plant

The use of hemp are just kaleidoscopic in nature, from giving fiber to yarn to Ayurveda nutrition for edibles, reviving nature and community. Hemp can be developed as a sustainable hotspot for raw materials that can be fused into a huge number of products.

  • Its flowers and seeds are utilized in organic body care products, healthy food, and other nutraceuticals.
  • The stalks and fibers are utilized in hemp clothing, paper, construction material, biofuel, plastic composites, and that's just the beginning.
  • It can likewise be beneficial for the effective management of chronic neurologic diseases, pains, convulsive issues, headache migraine, mental illness, anorexia, and bacterial contaminations
  • Hemps is also used to make 100% non-toxic paints, building materials that can replace plywood and dry wall, rugs, laces, rope, sails…the list is just endless.

Hemp can be grown as a fiber, seed, or other double purpose crops. However, hemp is also of the similar types of plant, Cannabis sativa, as marijuana.


Numerous farmers are interested and have begun growing hemp legally. Hemp is a great crop: it grows faster, replenishes the soil, and requires less water and pesticides. What is beneficial is that all the parts of the plant can be commercially used, from the hemp seeds to the hemp fiber, generating 0 waste.


Hemp foods are produced using a kind of cannabis plant that is amazingly low in THC. Hemp seeds are viewed as super foods as they deliver your body some incredible wholesome nutritional benefits. Hemp seeds – the main part of the plant, which is used for food – are viewed as nutritious seed. They are a great wellspring of nutrients, minerals and simple to-process plant protein and have a decent balance of good Omega 3 and Omega 6, magnesium, fiber, zinc, iron, and essential unsaturated fats.


Hemp fabric are significantly more environmental friendly than wool and cotton. Anything made out of hemp fiber is solid and lasts longer. Hemp clothing makes a strong texture that is incredible for winters. And never think that these garments are dull-looking! The fabric is additionally smold-resistant, which is just ideal for outside wear. This 10,000-year-old fiber leads the runways with 0 problems.


Being a rich source of essential fatty acids, key amino acids, skin friendly vitamins, hemp oil works great on the skin! Individuals rave about how hemp seed oil heals their acne, brightens, moisturizes, and makes their skin look flawless. Along with all this, the anti-aging qualities are also praised. The oleic and linoleic acids from hemp appear to lessen wrinkles and help in their prevention as well.


The hemp oil is extracted from the hemp seed itself instead of from the flowers and leaves, which means it contains no cannabinoids. What makes hemp seed oil so great and advantageous is its resistance to high temperatures. Many industries are also now looking forward to hemp oil for a more eco-friendly and sustainable process as hemp is the key ingredient, which can be used to fight against climate change and global warming.